By Tony Quin
Founder & CEO IQ Agency
Founder and chairman of the board of SoDA, the Digital Society


Thanks to the team at IQ Agency for their help with this project. I would like to particularly thank Carol Montoto for the design of this website, as well as Kevin Smith, Noah Echols, T.R. Wilhoit, Arielle Cason and Wade Smith for their valuable input. Thanks also to my wife, LouAnn, for her patience and understanding of my disappearances, at all hours, into my study to work on this.

This series, and the book it will become, is an aggregation of the experience and learnings from our work at IQ. Many of the techniques and ideas described here have been formulated, tested and proven in the laboratory of our brand engagements, and reflect the approaches we use on a day-to-day basis.

Thanks also to Tim Moran and Gayle Keston at CMO.com for publishing this project, to all my friends in SoDA for their input, particularly Andrew Howlett at Rain for help with the technical development, and to Adobe for making available the Adobe Stock library for our use.