Decoding Modern Marketing


  • Introducing your brand to the world still requires some good old fashioned advertising to get things started.
  • The good news is that the digital age has created the possibility for brands to spend less on paid advertising and more on their own direct channels to consumers.
  • Once a brand gets momentum within their community of customers the potential for organic growth without the big media costs is terrific.
  • Until then brands should use a mix of Brand Advertising, made up of Branding campaigns and Direct Response campaigns, plus Brand Activation, which are tactics that leverage Owned channels such as your website and social sites.


1. Brand Advertising

  • Brand campaigns establish value for the brand with new prospects. Brands need to establish their value before trying to close the deal.
  • Since consumers do research online, it frees advertising up to focus on attracting attention emotionally.
  • Direct response campaigns focus on a call-to-action. They typically work better once the value of a brand is established.
  • Paid and organic search is a direct response channel that can attract in-market prospects early. But those people will need to be cultivated before they buy.

2. Media Planning & Buying

  • Buying media today is a complex business. You don’t need to understand all of it, but you should know the basics. Make sure you have a good partner.
  • Media, especially digital media has become very measurable. This allows you to set marketing goals and measure performance against those goals.
  • The analysis of what the metrics mean gives you insights that are more important than the data itself.
  • Data gives a brand great insight into what’s working and what isn’t. With nearly real time metrics from almost everything a brand does it is possible to constantly tweak performance.

3. Brand Activation

  • Includes all the awareness and acquisition tactics possible through Owned and Earned media.
  • Tactics include making Content, which is discovered by search and shared.
  • Influencer marketing harnesses consumers as well as influential people in social media.
  • Relationship marketing leverages your customer’s good will in social media and ratings & reviews.
  • Experiential marketing is events that introduce your brand and make it come to life.

4. Creativity

  • Creativity becomes important as you take you brand out into the world.
  • Originality and big ideas in marketing can be enormously powerful.
  • Creating something different is not without risks despite the potential rewards.