“Unless you have absolute clarity of what your brand stands for, everything else is irrelevant.”

Mark Baynes, CMO Kellog Co.

Decoding Modern Marketing


  • Your brand is your most important asset – this is even more true in the digital age where advertising has become less effective.
  • Your brand is the guiding principle for your company – brands only succeed when they deliver on their promises and that takes the entire organization.
  • Creating and bringing a brand to life builds more lasting equity – a strong brand will create more value than advertising for less investment.
  • Strong brands don’t happen by accident - invest the time and effort to create your brand methodically.


1. Create your Brand Promise
  • Your Brand Promise is the promise you make to consumers and rests on the foundation of your Brand Purpose, which is not making money, but doing something for the greater good.
  • From this springs your Brand Mission, which is what your product is specifically trying to accomplish
  • These are both kept alive every day by your organization living your Brand Values.
  • Your Brand Promise sits on this unchanging foundation, and is made up of your Value Proposition and Brand Positioning vs. your competition
  • In a world of empowered, socially connected consumers, a brand must deliver on its promise consistently, everywhere, all the time

2. Choose your Brand Personality

  • Your Brand Personality is the unique character of your brand. It is what emotionally sets your brand apart
  • It is expressed visually and through the voice and tone you display in all the creative expressions of your brand

3. Define your Brand Identity

  • Brand Identity brings together all the facets of the brand into an integrated concept.
  • At the center is the Brand Essence, which becomes the rallying cry for your employees as they bring your brand to life.
  • This is supported by the Brand Pillars, key brand directives, which keep employees focused on what’s important.