“To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; to be credible we must be truthful.”

Edward R. Murrow

Decoding Modern Marketing


Brand Identity is the totality of a brand. It encompasses everything we have talked about so far and is designed to keep the organization true to its brand. So far we’ve seen how the mission flows out of the purpose, and is kept alive with values. We’ve seen how these unchanging ideas act as the foundation for the value proposition and brand positioning, which shape the brand promise. Finally, we’ve seen how the brand manifests itself with its personality in the form of visual, voice and tone expressions. Together all these pieces combine to form the Brand Identity. Your Brand Identity should become an internal touchstone that guides the understanding of what your brand means throughout your organization.

In his book “Strategic Brand Management” first published in 1992, Professor Jean-Noel Kapferer introduced a widely used model for brand identity. This model is made up of all the elements of the brand. Like the world we live in, however, it has necessarily been updated to reflect the relationship that brands have with consumers today.

Tangible Brand Promise

Consumers need to clearly understand what a brand does, why it is different and why it is better. This includes your Value Proposition and your Brand Positioning.

Brand Personality

The Visual Brand plus Voice & Tone are an expression of your Brand Personality. This is where Aaker’s Brand Personality Framework and Brand Archetypes come into play.

Shared Values

In this socially aware world brands need to understand the values that they share with their community of customers.

Customer Self-Image

The persona a brand shows in its marketing becomes the aspirational personification of the ideal user, and the source for identification with the brand. Brand’s also need to understand the cultural context that drives these aspirations.

Brand Purpose

This is the brand’s higher purpose. It also includes the Brand Mission. The Brand Purpose is unchanging, but over time the brand’s mission may shift as the world changes.

Brand Values

Similarly, the Brand Values are unchanging and guide employees as they create the experience of the brand every day.