The first 6 chapters of the series are built one on top of one another.

Chapter 1. Develop the Plan

We start by exploring strategic planning, which tells you what to do and what not to do.

Chapter 2. Create the Brand

We then discuss how to ensure you have a healthy brand ready to go to market.

Chapter 3. Connect with Consumers

At that point we outline how to begin the process of engagement with consumers.

Chapter 4. Cultivate Consumers

Then we cover how to develop those consumers until they are ready to become buyers.

Chapter 5. Convert Consumers

The next step is how to turn prospects into customers.

Chapter 6. Maximize Lifetime Value

This is followed by how to keep customers and turn them into advocates.


The next four chapters are about the mechanics of building an integrated marketing system and culture.

Chapter 7. Build the System

This chapter outlines the mechanics of how to construct a marketing system.

Chapter 8. Operate the System

We then outline how to make it run efficiently and effectively.

Chapter 9. Make a Marketing Culture

We discuss the steps you should take to get your company culture to support a consumer orientation.

Chapter 10. Marketing Tech

Finally, we show you how to make smart decisions about all the technology that will make everything work.